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Dictator Gordon Brown: Use This Crisis To Create New Financial World Order

Source: Infowars


Steve Watson
October 13, 2008

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called for a new Bretton Woods system, saying that the financial crisis should be used to make world leaders agree to fresh rules and regulations under a long planned new global financial order.

“Sometimes it takes a crisis for people to agree that what is obvious and should have been done years ago, can no longer be postponed,” Brown told an audience earlier today.

Speaking at Thomson Reuters’ editorial headquarters, Brown called for “a new financial architecture for the global age”, stating that the Bretton Woods system devised after the second world war was out of touch with the new world order.

Brown said: “This crisis demonstrates beyond doubt that a global capital market requires much stronger global cooperation and supervision. And we need to ensure that we have an effective global early warning system to alert us across continents to economic and financial risk.”

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MPs too scared to talk about forced marriage ‘in case they lose Muslim votes’

Who is your daddy. Pathetic behaviour of politicians, scrambling for votes. All that interests these traitors is being re-elected.

Source: Telegraph


Ann Cryer said politicians in areas with high Muslim populations, many of which are Labour heartlands, should be at the forefront of the campaign to stop young couples being made to wed against their will by their families.

But she claimed that some politicians are afraid to speak out on the issue in case they alienate Muslim voters. The forced marriage unit at the Foreign Office deals with an estimated 300 cases every year, most of them involving teenage girls from Pakistani or Bangladeshi families.

Mrs Cryer, who is stepping down as MP for Keighley in West Yorkshire at the next general election, added that local Muslim leaders are not doing enough to encourage integration and accused them of trying to keep immigrants who move to Britain “in the backwoods”.

It comes just days after Gordon Brown praised her “brave” campaign against forced marriage, and said her understanding of her constituency was “second to none”.

Mrs Cryer, 68, said: “There still is a nervousness to talk about this, especially those MPs in constituencies affected by these issues.

“They should be fighting on the front line, but they are the ones keeping quiet on the issue because they don’t want to lose votes.

Libertas founder plans Europe-wide Lisbon Treaty referendums

We are already in a position wherein the EU creates over 80% of our laws now. The Lisbon Treaty would merely give the remaining powers of sovereign nations to the globalists in Brussels, add self amending clauses and consolidate all power in the hands of the unelected suits. Saying no to the Treaty is only the first step. We must leave the EU. We must purge our State of these money grabbing, lying cheating little Marxist vermin and make the British realise that sovereign power is with the People, not the Government. Legally they have no right to transfer the People’s power to Brussels.

Source: Telegraph

The man who delivered an historic “No” vote in Ireland against the EU’s Lisbon Treaty has revealed far-reaching plans to give voters throughout Europe a peoples’ referendum on the handover of power to Brussels.

Declan Ganley is planning to field more than 400 candidates in next June’s European Parliament elections, in the 26 countries – including Britain – where voters have had no direct say on the treaty.

The energy and rhetoric of Mr Ganley, a multimillionaire businessman, was widely credited with persuading the Irish to reject the treaty, even though every leading Irish political party apart from Sinn Fein was urging voters to say “Yes”.

Now he wants to give British voters a chance to deliver a bloody nose to both the Brussels establishment and to Gordon Brown, whose party first promised and then refused a referendum in Britain.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Ganley disclosed that he was starting to raise £75 million from online donations to run candidates in all 12 of Britain’s European Parliament constituencies, and in seats throughout the EU.

He will turn his pressure group, Libertas, into a party with just one policy: to fight the Lisbon Treaty, which many see as the rejected European Constitution by the back door.

“We will tell people that Libertas is the box you put your X in if you want to vote ‘No’ to the Lisbon Treaty. It’s clear, it’s simple,” he said. Continue reading

Harriet Harman To Try And Slime Into Prime Minister Role

This is like a nightmare. From the Feminist, Socialist, Nanny State Traitor that brought you British Government Works To Disenfranchise White Males, believing that white males should be targeted for discrimination and Why does Harriet Harman hate marriage following her feminist teachings that the nuclear family is evil comes this latest scheme.

Source: Daily Mail

Harriet Harman is campaigning to promote herself as a stand-in Prime Minister should Mr Brown be forced out.

It emerged last night that Labour MPs have been sounded out about her suitability if the PM leaves No10 by the end of the year.

With the Prime Minister’s position looking precarious, manoeuvring to replace him is well under way.

The revelation that his own deputy fancies her chances will annoy Mr Brown, who is desperate to dampen speculation about his future.

The Daily Mail understands that MPs acting on Miss Harman’s behalf have approached backbenchers in recent weeks to test her popularity as a possible leader.

The People of this Nation do not find Harriet Harman popular. Shouldn’t that be what is important?

The public school-educated feminist has been quietly trading on her victory in last year’s contest for the deputy leadership.

A fortnight ago she caused an uproar by championing a Communist Equality Bill that will allow discrimination in favour of women and minority employees and require companies to publish details of the salary gap between male and female workers. Continue reading

Gordon Brown’s DNA database claims branded ‘ridiculous’

Source: The Register

Chris Williams


Gordon Brown has been accused of deliberately misleading the public by claiming that not retaining genetic profiles of innocent people on the National DNA Database (NDNAD) would have led to 114 murderers getting away.

The charge was made on Friday by the genetics lobby group GeneWatch UK. It analysed a speech the Prime Minister made on June 17 where he argued for the retention of DNA profiles from thousands of charged suspects, including children, in criminal cases that were later found not guilty or never made it to trial.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said: “I think in this case we’ll have to let the Prime Minister’s words speak for themselves. The figures he quoted were publicly available from 2006.” The Home Office had referred The Register’s questions about the speech to Number 10.

The massive expansion of the NDNAD was mandated by the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001. GeneWatch’s Dr Helen Wallace accused Brown of knowingly manipulating statistical estimates to spin them as facts in support of storing innocent people’s genetic information. In a statement she said: “Gordon Brown has stooped to a new low.”

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