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True Islam broadcast on British TV

The communications watchdog, Ofcom, has made a series of rulings against channels which allowed “inflammatory” material to be broadcast in breach of rules which forbid extreme opinions gaining a platform on British television.

The cases, disclosed today, include examples of an imam telling viewers that those who disrespect the prophet Mohammed should be killed, and another broadcaster saying homosexuals should be beaten and tortured.

Please note, these statements of ‘hate’ as the establishment try to paint it, are part of Islamic teachings. It is not a ‘misunderstanding of Islam’. Another command in Islam is that anyone who leaves the knuckle dragging death cult must be murdered.

You can’t leave you see. Because Islam is so peaceful you see.

Tala Rajab, the researcher who wrote the report for Quilliam, the anti-extremist think-tank, said the fresh findings by Ofcom raised serious questions over the regulation of broadcast material.

“Some of these recent incidents have been quite shocking,” he said.

“If this had happened in a mosque the police would be right in pursuing a criminal investigation. But because they are being broadcast on television channels for some reason there seems to be little appetite for looking into these extreme messages.

“If these kind of comments were made against black people, for example, you can imagine a channel being shut down overnight, particularly if they had incited violence against a minority.”

So Ofcom, the State, the Police turn a blind eye because they’re Muslims. (Although I thought inciting the murder of people is the cardinal violation of free speech). Just like they turned a blind eye to the gang raping / drugging of white girls by Pakistani Muslims, which is okay under Islam by the way.

Islam is the most despicable  ideology I’ve ever studied, and I’ve probably studied them all. But to blame Islam itself is wrong. Islam is just a collection of books and pages. MUSLIMS are the issue because they identify themselves with this creed. They are telling you ‘yes I agree with the paedophilia, the rape, murder, conquest, violence, global jihad, Jizya’ etc.

Maybe you don’t believe me. That’s okay. Here are the references.

Remember, it isn’t people like me (or you) labelling them with the same brush. They are.

Just because they’ll say other things to your face, doesn’t mean they are being honest. There is an Islamic tactic of deceit called al-Takia, which is where you lie to the worthless infidels ‘you and I’ until they get close enough to dominate, similar to lying to get into someone’s home so you can rape them.

This is Islam. There is no moderate version, extremist version, happy version, ‘misunderstanders of Islam’ version or any other apologist invention that seeks to separate the openly violent Muslims with the inwardly violent ones.

This will keep happening. I wonder how many instances of Muslims committing crimes ‘in the name of Islam’ will have to occur before these establishment morons admit there is a problem that doesn’t involve ‘stupid English racists, swivel eyed loons and so on…


80 million Britons, and no one you can trust

Source: Daily Mail

Our Brussels masters predict that Britain will soon be the most crowded country in the whole of Europe. Presumably this is what they want, since it is their laws that have destroyed our borders and abolished British citizenship and British passports (that wretched puce thing in your pocket is an EU passport, not a British one, and the further east you go, the easier they are to get).

The European Commission says there will be almost 80million people crammed into our landscape by 2058. Just imagine all that concrete, the thousands of square miles (or square kilometres as they will be by then) chewed up by bulldozers.

Imagine the unending 24-hour whoosh and grind of traffic, the bulging trains, the seething, noisy, litter-strewn parks on hot summer Sundays, the crowded schools, the endless waits at enormous polyclinics to see a doctor you’ve never met before and will never see again, who probably doesn’t have English as a first language, and the multicultural schools where half the class will always be from somewhere else. I’m quite glad to think I’ll be dead by then.

I’ve always been unmoved by arguments that immigration benefits’ the country economically. Maybe it does, if you eat at restaurants rather than working in them, and then hurry away to expensive areas where no immigrants live. But for most people it’s an unmixed curse.

For the migrants themselves it is often a journey into exploitation and squalor, miserable pay and ten-to-a-room living conditions. It holds down wages and puts unwanted pressure on services, transport and housing which are already under strain.

But there’s something else about it that is profoundly, heartbreakingly sad. When so many of our fellow creatures don’t speak our language, don’t understand our laws and customs, don’t know our history, can’t read our facial expressions or work out when we’re joking, we live at a lower level than we did before. Continue reading

Does this photograph prove Abu Qatada is flouting his bail?

Source: Daily Mail

Abu Qatada will no doubt argue that this is not a breach of the strict bail conditions which ban him from using a mobile telephone.

But is the fanatical preacher – once described as ‘Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe’ – obeying the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law?

On a shopping trip this week near his London home, the 47-year-old was photographed in conversation with a friend, who then appeared to relay Qatada’s words via his mobile to another person.

An onlooker said: ‘It was clear to me that the man with the mobile phone was speaking to Qatada before speaking to the person on the other end of the phone.

‘He would speak to Qatada holding the phone in his hand away from his ear and then put it to his ear and speak to whoever was on the other end of the line.’

Qatada, who was granted asylum 15 years ago, was freed from a high-security prison in June after the courts ruled that sending him home to Jordan would breach his human rights. He has already been convicted of terror attacks and bomb plots there in his absence.

The eight-page bail order set out a series of stringent rules which placed him under virtual house arrest.

The father of five, whose family are living on benefits of an estimated £50,000 a year, is allowed to leave his rented £800,000 four-bedroom semi for just two hours a day. Continue reading

Britain must be nicer to Muslims, says UN ‘human rights’ chiefs

What have ‘human rights’ got to do with religion anyway? Muslims are by definition, followers of Islam. Islam is a religion, one which abhors Western culture and believes it should be replaced by Sharia (Islamic Law.) This is not a secret. As far as I am concerned, to hell with a religion that views non-followers as the worst of the worst.

Source: Daily Mail

Britain was told yesterday by a United Nations committee to take firm action to combat ‘negative public attitudes’ towards Muslims.

The nine-member human rights committee also criticised some of the UK’s antiterror measures.

The body, which is composed of legal experts, said it was concerned ‘ negative public attitudes towards Muslim members of society’ continued to develop in Britain.

The Government ‘should take energetic measures to eliminate this phenomenon and ensure that authors of such acts of discrimination on the basis of religion are adequately deterred and sanctioned’.

The committee expressed concern over the Government’s plans to extend pre-trial detention of terrorist suspects from 28 to 42 days. Suspects should be brought to court ‘within a reasonable period of time, or released’.

Those suspected of being involved in terrorism and subject to control orders and curfews limiting their movements should be ‘promptly charged with a criminal offence’ and their lawyers given access to the evidence against them, it added. Continue reading

The European Union Story

This article was found at the source below but I believe it originated elsewhere (possibly the old EU Truth site?) I have re-posted it here to clear up formatting issues and other typos. It will also be a work-in-progress in the sense I will be providing external links to provide additional information and evidence supporting the statements made in this article – FM Watkins.

Source: EU Dictatorship / Unknown

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The EU Dictatorship Exposed

In the words of Winston Churchill and in reference to Stanley Baldwin who was Prime Minister at the time (exporting Rolls Royce aero engines to Germany) prior to the outbreak of World War II he spoke the following words:

“Whose in charge of the clattering train? The axle’s creak and the couplings strain; the pace is hot and the points are near and sleep has deadened the driver’s ear and the signals flash through the night in vain for death is in charge of the clattering train”

The Take-Over of Britain

On 1st January 1973, Conservative British Prime Minister Edward Heath took Britain into the European Common Market. Heath reassured Parliament and the British people at the time that British sovereignty would not be affected and that we were just joining a trading partnership. His 1971 government White Paper stated the following:

“There is no question of Britain losing essential national sovereignty… The British safeguards of habeus corpus and trial by jury will remain intact. So will the principle that a man is innocent until he has been proved guilty.”

Subsequent papers came to light, which unequivocally show that Edward Heath recognised that he had known all along that Britain was signing up to a federal Europe. Continue reading

US and EU do secret deal to share your personal data – bank details, visited websites, salaries..

What else did you think the ID Card program is for? Also look to the EU for doing a deal with the US, against your wishes, and even if it was against the governments wishes it doesn’t matter. EU Law has primacy over British Law anyway. Another reason to leave the European Union as soon as possible and focus on protecting British interests and our perfectly adequate BIll of Rights and Common Laws.

Source: Daily Mail


Under an agreement being negotiated between the EU and Washington., U.S. agencies including the CIA will be allowed to view details of bank accounts, travel plans and even the sites individuals visit on the internet.

A secret document giving details of the agreement has been leaked to the New York Times.

I don’t know what’s so secret about this, people should have realised this was coming when the US tried to get a deal to share data on air passengers, a plan that was struck down as illegal by the EU courts. If that was illegal how can this scheme, more intrusive and extensive than ever, be legal?

The deal will make it easier for American law enforcement organisations to obtain private information from banks, credit card firms and other companies – as well as from government offices.

In the past, companies handing over such details ran the risk of breaching European data protection laws. But these laws are expected to be relaxed under the new agreement. Continue reading