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Britons’ movements secretly tracked by covert scanners

Source: Daily Mail

Hello operator? Im a slave!

Hello operator? I'm a slave!

Thousands of Britons’ movements have been covertly tracked by scanners placed in streets, pubs and offices for a technology experiment.

The Cityware project run by the University of Bath has secretly placed scanners around the Somerset city, with the first 10 installed 2006. The scanners pick up bluetooth radio signals transmitted from mobile phones and laptops.

In a scene reminiscent of the Will Smith thriller Enemy of the State, it has allowed researchers to map the journeys of individuals without their knowledge or consent.

The data is being used in a project called ‘Radio City’ to survey the ‘mobile computing landscape’. The researchers hope it will help them understand how and why people move around urban environments.

As many as 3,000 Bluetooth devices are tracked every weekend and one recent study monitored the movements of 10,000 people around Bath.

On the Cityware website, the researchers said the survey would cover ‘all phenomena associated with the carrying and use of mobile devices.’

This includes where and why users make mobile phone calls and even how people orientate their laptops in cafes.

The leaders of the £1.6million initiative claim their study looks at the city as a whole and the scanners do not have access to the identities of those they track.

‘The notion that an agency would serious consider Bluetooth scanning as a surveillance technique is ludicrous,’ Cityware director Eamonn O’Neill told The Guardian. Continue reading


The Truth About CCTV

FM Watkins

There is something of a continual debate here in the UK regarding CCTV. On one side are those who see the technology as a benefit, to catching criminals etc, they usually have had something happen to them, or know someone who has so it is a lot more personal. Otherwise they just use the ‘well if you have nothing to hide…’ argument.

From The Guardian:

Your private life on show to civil servants? More bureaucrats, local and national, having access to your personal information – through data-sharing and data-matching between government databases, through access to your telephone and email data, through the national database that will lie behind a “smart” identity card. Your health records on tap to researchers by ministerial order – your doctor can’t say no. Local authorities, even health trusts, able to put you under covert surveillance.

I am firmly in the ‘NO CCTV’ camp. The idea that the ever-growing parasitic corporate government and its equally corrupt subsidiaries have eyes (and now ears and mouths) watching almost every square metre of Britain does not encourage the concept of a free people. Most people who bleat on about CCTV have little or no idea about how prevalent it is, who has access to it and the potential for function creep.

I am going to address some of these issues now. Continue reading