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Sign the No to Sharia Law Petition

This is a response from the people of Britain against the barbaric religious laws of Islam. Sign the petition to let the Government know that We, The People do not want Sharia Law accepted or integrated into British law.

As John stated in a comment on the Time to kick Islam out of Britain article;

Spread this link around to EVERYONE in your contact list in your email account. Its been up 3 days and has already 1,900 signitures

Thanks for the link John.

Remember, society and everything in it, freedom lovers and tyrants, are all just different humans pursuing different ends, and it is only People that have shaped humanity. All of the tyrants and fascism scum and all of those who fought for their freedoms and the individual rights to be the masters of their own lives. All people.

Just like us.

This is Our Time in the history of the human race. There have been many Times before us and there shall be many Times for future people to shape. But this is ours.

I’m going to loosely paraphrase (and edit) the Rifleman’s Creed, mostly replacing ‘rifle’ with ‘time’ and such, mostly.

This is my Time. There are many like it but this one is mine. My Time is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. My Time, without me is useless. Without my Time, I am useless…

Lets make this Time of hours the kind of Time that future Fighters against Tyranny look back on and be inspired by!

WE must change this. Us, there are no others to do it. There can be no others because we are all that this Time has. It must be us…

Libertarian Party UK


Britons’ movements secretly tracked by covert scanners

Source: Daily Mail

Hello operator? Im a slave!

Hello operator? I'm a slave!

Thousands of Britons’ movements have been covertly tracked by scanners placed in streets, pubs and offices for a technology experiment.

The Cityware project run by the University of Bath has secretly placed scanners around the Somerset city, with the first 10 installed 2006. The scanners pick up bluetooth radio signals transmitted from mobile phones and laptops.

In a scene reminiscent of the Will Smith thriller Enemy of the State, it has allowed researchers to map the journeys of individuals without their knowledge or consent.

The data is being used in a project called ‘Radio City’ to survey the ‘mobile computing landscape’. The researchers hope it will help them understand how and why people move around urban environments.

As many as 3,000 Bluetooth devices are tracked every weekend and one recent study monitored the movements of 10,000 people around Bath.

On the Cityware website, the researchers said the survey would cover ‘all phenomena associated with the carrying and use of mobile devices.’

This includes where and why users make mobile phone calls and even how people orientate their laptops in cafes.

The leaders of the £1.6million initiative claim their study looks at the city as a whole and the scanners do not have access to the identities of those they track.

‘The notion that an agency would serious consider Bluetooth scanning as a surveillance technique is ludicrous,’ Cityware director Eamonn O’Neill told The Guardian. Continue reading

State Schools to remove children’s allegience to Britain, to worship the EU

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” – Brock Chisholm, 1959 Humanist of the Year and former head of WHO.

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears, the Labour minister who previously stated ‘it is common sense to sideline Christianity in favour of Islam‘ has announced a package of initiatives designed to use the state schooling system to indoctrinate our nations children against Britain and to ‘educate children on Islamic traditions and values’. Watch the videos below for a sample of the ‘Religion of PeaceTM‘.

The liberal socialist self-loathing Hazel Blears wishes to actively promote this supremacist ideology in a secular nation, deliberately undermining Britain’s Christian heritage and encouraging a culture and religion that views our entire nation with contempt, believing it should be replaced by their own. There is NO DOUBT that Islam is completely incompatible with the British way of life, in fact it is incompatible with any nation that is not an Islamic theocracy.

Source: Daily Mail

State school pupils are set to be taught Islamic traditions and values in compulsory citizenship lessons.

The move – part of a package of initiatives announced by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears yesterday – is designed to curb extremism.

Education campaigners warned however against giving Islam a privileged position over other faiths.

Other plans announced by Miss Blears also drew criticism – including a state-funded panel of Islamic scholars and theologians to provide community leadership. Continue reading

Another Traitor Calls for Sharia Law in England

Source: Daily Mail

A leading lawyer yesterday called for sharia rules to be written into English law.

Stephen Hockman QC said legal reforms to incorporate Islamic principles are inevitable. He warned that ‘otherwise we will find there is a very significant section of our society which is increasingly alienated, with very dangerous results.’

Oh really? Is he threatened by the Religion of PeaceTM by any chance?

His comments follow the controversial speech this week by Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips, who gave his approval to the use of sharia law for deciding family and marriage disputes and mediating in arguments among Muslims.

In February, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams ran into difficulties after proposing that Islamic law should have a role in Britain.

Mr Hockman said: ‘Given the world situation and our own substantial Muslim population, it is vital that we look at ways to integrate Muslim culture into our own traditions.’

Substantial? Since when was 2.8% of the population substantial?

Why is he not speaking of the substantial 90%+ of the population who are not Muslim? Why is he not speaking of Muslims working to align themselves with British culture? We are in Britain last time I checked. Maybe he has read the Quran and knows that Islam views all other religions and cultures as inferior. Or maybe he is just under the command of the Euro-mediterranean Project and its goals to flood Western countries with Islam under the guise of ‘cultural integration’. Either way, how about a rewrite of the last line. I suggest the following;

‘Given the world situation and our own Muslim population, it is vital that Muslims immediately look at ways to accept British culture and Law into our own traditions or find themselves deported to an Islamic State.’

Mayor warns Londoners: If you see a stabbing, just walk away

So much for looking out for your fellow man. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has ‘advised’ the London population that, in the event they see one of these feral youths attacking and trying to kill someone else, that you should just walk away and not get involved.

Even with considering that the law-abiding public are not allowed to bear arms in defence (in contradiction to our Bill of Rights) this still feels deeply wrong to me.

Source: Daily Mail

The risk from violent crime is now so high that people should walk away if they see someone else in trouble – in case they end up losing their own life.

The comments follow the knife murder of 16-year-old Ben Kinsella after he tried to break up an argument outside a North London bar at the weekend.

In another example of violent, broken Britain, a former soldier died yesterday after being attacked on a bus by thugs he had asked to stop swearing.

Father-of-three Stan Dixon, 60, politely asked them to stop using bad language in front of his partner.

To avoid trouble, the couple decided to get off early.

But as the bus doors opened, two men pushed Mr Dixon violently to the ground, leaving him with massive head injuries.

‘Everybody is shocked by the level of violence we are seeing, particularly towards young people, and we must all work as hard as we can to reverse this dreadful trend.’

Last month, a Government adviser warned that Britain was becoming a ‘walk on by’ society.

In a report ordered by Downing Street, Louise Casey said people were terrified they would either be attacked themselves or face arrest.

This is just a continuation of the things I wrote about in my earlier post, Family Being Replaced with Feral Gangs In Socialist Britain. That slimy piece of Socialist sh*t Cherie Blair and her ‘Human Rights Act’ has a large part to play in this. Continue reading

Observers criticise London e-count

Source: The Register

The body which provided official observers to the London elections has said it was given insufficient evidence to feel confident in the results.

The Open Rights Group (ORG), which was accredited by the Electoral Commission to provide observers, has released a report that identifies a number of shortcomings in the electronic counting process.

In the executive summary it declares: “There is insufficient evidence available to allow independent observers to state reliably whether the results declared for the May 2008 elections for the mayor of London and the London Assembly are an accurate representation of voters’ intentions.”

London Elects contracted Spanish company Indra to provide an electronic counting system for the election. The ORG report says there were no procedural hitches, but that the level of transparency was inadequate.

Spanish? Why couldn’t they use a British firm? And e-voting is notoriously unreliable. London Elect has essentially commercialised democracy in Britain. Why not use Open Source software?

Transparency was also undermined by the fact that London Elects has been prevented by commercial confidentiality from publishing audits on the source code and the counting infrastructure.

A spokesperson for London Elects rebutted some of the criticisms in the report. He told GC News that the scanners had been subjected to intensive testing before the election, taking in their sensitivity levels, and that it was satisfied with their performance.

Well they would wouldn’t they. They paid for the Spanish firm to do the work, they are hardly going to stab themselves in the foot. That is why this report was done by an external group.

She told GC News that there was no evidence that the shortcomings had benefitted any particular candidate in the elections.

“Short of recounting the ballots by hand there is no way of knowing if this had a significant effect on the election,” she said.

And I am sure that isn’t going to happen.

Full article here

Britain should have ‘zero net immigration’ policy, spews Eugenicist/ Socialist

More cods wallop from yet another taxpayer funded Socialist Malthusian quango. This one specialises in telling us how many children we should be allowed to have (less is more as always.)

Source: Telegraph

Britain should set an example to the world by reversing its steeply-rising population growth and allowing no more people into the country than leave, the Government’s chief “green” adviser has said.

This, from the ‘Commission’ that is pushing for the government to spend another £100 billion of YOUR money throwing up windfarms to ‘hit reduced CO2 emissions’ targets. The whole CO2 dialectic is just another scam designed to suppress freedom, impose more taxes and centralise the means of production.

I suggest this ‘green’ advisor join the growing campaign to leave the EU and cleanse our government of Socialists if he wants to control immigration. Much easier to just advocate for spending more money!

Mr Porritt, who is a patron of the charity, the Optimum Population Trust, warned that globally spending on family planning was “massively” lower than the £8 billion spent on HIV/Aids.

Yet it should be around £12.5 billion to £15 billion if the world was to avoid a population of more than 9 billion or more by 2050. Continue reading