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This site concerns itself with issues of individual freedom, The European Union and the conspiracy to strip Britain’s ability to govern itself (its sovereignty).

Treason has been committed by many members of Parliament, corruption is rife, the State is expanding its powers over the People exponentially and rapidly raising taxes to fund it. Our MP’s are greedy and lazy, too busy lining their own pockets and seeking more power for themselves to realise (or care) that they are betraying the very Laws they swore to uphold. The State has grown to a level never before seen in this country (which is always the case in these regimes), and while it seeks to exert ever more control over our lives (for our protection of course), it continues to display its total incompetence with all aspects of governance. Confidential records are stolen, lost, MP’s are being caught lining their pockets with taxpayers money, the huge lumbering mess that is the tax system is incomprehensible and the EU continues to suck vast amounts of British capital and production away from the country with the goal of ‘equalising’ our wealth and power with that of poor countries.

Our government is actively seeking total control over us using whatever Dialectic they can think of and is rapidly moving towards Fascism.

We are already in a police state. We are already in an endemic surveillance society. Our Laws, heritage and culture are already being attacked and discarded in favour of the ‘European Dream’ or ‘EUSSR, a totalitarian federal superstate with no accountability or direct representation‘.

This site is an information, research and activism resource.

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