Free Britain

Links / Resources


Campaign for an Independent Britain
Democracy Movement
No 2 ID
Referendum on the European Constitution
The Free Society
The Freedom Association
The Public Defender
UKIP – EU Truth
Referendum on the proposed EU treaty

Other Campaigns

Blue Ribbon Campaign
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Kill Your Television
National Pure Water Association
Save The Internet
Trash Your TV!


UK Independence Party
Libertarian Party


British Democracy Forum
EU Corruption
EU Observer
EU Press Room
EU Referendum
No To Lisbon Treaty
Telegraph – EU Referendum
The Brussels Journal
Dhimmi Watch
Klein Verzet

Resources/ Think Tanks

The Silent Majority
DRJN – EU Truth
Euro-sceptic Web Resource
Free Britain
Global Britain
Migration Watch UK
Open Europe
The Bruges Group
The Taxpayers’ Alliance

Wiki Data

European Union
Union for the Mediterranean
Treaty of Lisbon

Global Warming/ Climate Change

Watts Up With That?
CO2 Sceptic
Global Warming Warning
Global Whining vs. the Truth
GloWarming Skeptics
Colemans Corner
Skeptics Global Warming

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