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True Islam broadcast on British TV

The communications watchdog, Ofcom, has made a series of rulings against channels which allowed “inflammatory” material to be broadcast in breach of rules which forbid extreme opinions gaining a platform on British television.

The cases, disclosed today, include examples of an imam telling viewers that those who disrespect the prophet Mohammed should be killed, and another broadcaster saying homosexuals should be beaten and tortured.

Please note, these statements of ‘hate’ as the establishment try to paint it, are part of Islamic teachings. It is not a ‘misunderstanding of Islam’. Another command in Islam is that anyone who leaves the knuckle dragging death cult must be murdered.

You can’t leave you see. Because Islam is so peaceful you see.

Tala Rajab, the researcher who wrote the report for Quilliam, the anti-extremist think-tank, said the fresh findings by Ofcom raised serious questions over the regulation of broadcast material.

“Some of these recent incidents have been quite shocking,” he said.

“If this had happened in a mosque the police would be right in pursuing a criminal investigation. But because they are being broadcast on television channels for some reason there seems to be little appetite for looking into these extreme messages.

“If these kind of comments were made against black people, for example, you can imagine a channel being shut down overnight, particularly if they had incited violence against a minority.”

So Ofcom, the State, the Police turn a blind eye because they’re Muslims. (Although I thought inciting the murder of people is the cardinal violation of free speech). Just like they turned a blind eye to the gang raping / drugging of white girls by Pakistani Muslims, which is okay under Islam by the way.

Islam is the most despicable  ideology I’ve ever studied, and I’ve probably studied them all. But to blame Islam itself is wrong. Islam is just a collection of books and pages. MUSLIMS are the issue because they identify themselves with this creed. They are telling you ‘yes I agree with the paedophilia, the rape, murder, conquest, violence, global jihad, Jizya’ etc.

Maybe you don’t believe me. That’s okay. Here are the references.

Remember, it isn’t people like me (or you) labelling them with the same brush. They are.

Just because they’ll say other things to your face, doesn’t mean they are being honest. There is an Islamic tactic of deceit called al-Takia, which is where you lie to the worthless infidels ‘you and I’ until they get close enough to dominate, similar to lying to get into someone’s home so you can rape them.

This is Islam. There is no moderate version, extremist version, happy version, ‘misunderstanders of Islam’ version or any other apologist invention that seeks to separate the openly violent Muslims with the inwardly violent ones.

This will keep happening. I wonder how many instances of Muslims committing crimes ‘in the name of Islam’ will have to occur before these establishment morons admit there is a problem that doesn’t involve ‘stupid English racists, swivel eyed loons and so on…


Draw Mohammed Day is TOMORROW!
May 19, 2010, 7:19 pm
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Don’t forget, if you have blogs, websites etc, or you just want to join in the fun, tomorrow is Draw Mohammed Day (links to Facebook group).

As you know, it is essentially based on a reaction to people who believe they are so superior and perfect to the rest of us, that their beliefs (not facts) should be protected from analysis and critisism, forever. Hence their eternal outrage at things ‘offending Islam’.

This is something of a boggle, seeing as Islam isn’t a person that can be offended, but merely an ideology. I guess it’s okay for Muslims to depict non-Muslim faiths and beliefs as pigs, demons and the like, so long as it’s one way. Like I said, they believe they are superior. You have no ‘right’ to draw a picture of their so called ‘prophet’, even if this person actually received his ‘revelations’ not from God, but from a Demon.

No matter. What is important is that you FOLLOW ISLAMIC RULES and do not do what millions in the West will be doing tomorrow. Depicting this warmongering, paedophile fuck face.

It is going to ‘offend’ Muslims. Well who gives a fuck. I’m more offended by Muslims actually going out and KILLING PEOPLE.

By the way, now is a good time to post this excellent video, a speech by Bat Ye’or, a scholor of Islam.

Remember. Whether you want it or not. This is war. ‘Islam’ believes that the world was always Islamic, and the 15,000 acts of violence since 9/11 in the name of Islam are merely good Muslims trying to bring the world back to where it belongs.

Well I say fuck that.

In the West, everyone and everything is open to criticism. It’s the basis for separating fact from fiction. If Muslims want to threaten lives on this issue, then they are merely seeking to impose islamic rule on non-muslims, as part of their holy war.

Tomorrow I’ll have a pic up. You can count on it.

Muslims assault swedish artist during Freedom of Speech lecture
May 16, 2010, 3:42 pm
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More footage of the incident earlier this week.

This is longer footage than the earlier one posted,

Also in the 2nd video, you can see a swedish guy that says “show some respect” to a muslim women after she screams “show respect you fucking pig”, she replies with “you should shut up”, (same women that fanaticly screams “allah akbar” in the first long clip.) then the muslim crowd chases him away. Also you can hear the enraged muslims threaten other swedish people who tryes to tell them to calm down.

View the video on LiveLeak.

Britain is gone!

The Czech government has signed the Lisbon Treaty. It is ratified. It gives Brussels 100% control over any and all aspects of Britain’s operation. Parliament is no longer sovereign. That freedom to self-determine has been stolen from the people and given to faceless, unknown suits in Brussels.

They can technically take control of anything in Britain. The EU Court has supremacy of any and all laws ever made in Parliament, from the Magna Carta to the Bill of Rights.

Over 1000 years of Parliamentary democracy has been destroyed by a socialist dictatorship. The government have actually signed away your lives, liberty and property to the EU. Without your permission.

It’s what Hitler would have wanted.

Note the media already trumpeting EU power, demanding British banks be split up, planning direct taxation to Brussels and who knows what else. The Lisbon Treaty allows for amendments, without having to put it to a vote, so do not surprised if they even suspend the theater of democracy in the coming months/ years.

If the EU have its way, there will never be another vote.

But there is a problem with this.

You see, the Bill of Rights 1689 cannot be rescinded. Not by Parliament, not by the Fourth Reich, not by anyone.

Ever since 1972 when the European Communities Act was signed, Parliament has existed in a state of Treason. Every EU Directive enforced by Parliament constitutes another Treasonous act against the people of Britain, that group who lends Parliament its sovereignty.

That is another point. Parliament cannot sign its sovereignty to anyone, because it does not belong to them to sign.

It belongs to us. Parliaments power only comes from the people. Consent has never been given for the actions of Parliament in the last few decades and remember, consent cannot be assumed, it must always be given.

Let there be no misunderstanding, by our own ancient laws, the government has been working to usurp the British people and the nation state. This categories them as enemies of Britain.

We exist in a state of war with the British government.

August 6, 2009, 10:03 am
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